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Marketing Tips: B2B buyers are using the internet before buying

According to Think With Google, A majority of offline purchasers are influenced online, and they’re doing vast amounts of independent research. Before making a purchase, today’s typical B2B shopper might consult online catalogs, perform multiple Google Searches, or visit branded websites.

Facebook: An Important Marketing Tool For Business

We are hearing some of the brightest people who are running America talk about Facebook like it is something different than what it is. It is a fantastic way for businesses to get their content in front of buying customers.

Why You Should Use Social Media for Business

If social media doesn’t convert, what’s the point? This can be applied to a lot of things. If these things don’t convert to dollars, what’s the point? I think the most immediate answer to this would be that not having a facebook page is the equivalent of not having fancy business cards in the 1980’s.

How to Easily Re-purpose your Content

You can take one piece of content that you created and supply your site with months worth of viable content. Why not take advantage of all those different verticals with that original content?

Cloud Wise Academy Update: Project Hometown

Cloud Wise Academy instructor Jake Hinton explains whats new at the academy, and we talk about how Project Hometown can help our community thrive by connecting local students, tech companies, and business owners.

Reach a More Targeted Audience with Vertical Search

We’re going to discuss vertical search and how it can impact your business. I know that sounds fancy. It sounds like some sort of huge buzzword, but really vertical search is a thing to make everybody’s life easier if you understand this concept.

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