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How do you optimize content for a voice-first world?

Want to know how to optimize your content for voice search? Contributor Sherry Bonelli shares how to incorporate smart SEO tactics to increase the chance of being heard. For years, the use of voice search and voice assistants to answer questions has been on the rise....

Case Study: Allied Fire & Security

Case Study: Allied Fire & Security Allied Fire & Security is one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest security, lock, and safe companies. With branches in Portland, Seattle, and Spokane, the business grew to be one of the largest in the industry, recognized by Security...

Why Your Business Needs a Secure & Mobile Friendly Website

Welcome back to the Being Found Show. We’re going to make sure you’re being found by more buying customers. I’m Cloud Wise Joe here with my co-host Chauncey Haworth. We are going to talk about why your business needs a secure mobile friendly website and how to check if your site is secure and mobile friendly.

SEO Tips from Professionals: Find out what your competitors are doing

We are the local business guide to being found by more buying customers. In learning the Internet and how it all works, marketing and sales and stuff. One of the most relieving things that I’ve found was that there are tools that the pros use and these tools make life easier. When you’re working with online marketing or really anything complicated you need to recognize that there are specific tools for a job and if you use a socket wrench when you’re supposed to use a screwdriver, you aren’t going to get anywhere.

Marketing 101: What is an A/B split test?

Marketing has a language all its own. This is our latest in a series of posts aimed at helping new marketers learn that language. What term do you find yourself explaining most often to new hires during onboarding? Let us know. An A/B split test refers to a test...

Do outbound links matter for SEO?

If you aren’t linking through your site and people don’t end up buying anything and then just leave, you are communicating to Google that consumers don’t like your site. They’re not going to buy anything from you, and you’re not going to help them in their search on the Internet. What value do you bring? Google is not going to share your site.

SEO basics: Elements of the Google Search Engine Results Page

Everybody knows what the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) looks like. We’ve all been there. We cross that page with every search we do. Still, the page can look rather different depending on what you’re searching for. And, which of those results are paid for...

What does a search engine optimization (SEO) expert actually do?

If you want to be found by more buying customers, you have come to the right place. I want to go over questions we get frequently asked not only by our employees but by other businesses and even listeners. The Common Question is “What does a search engine optimization (SEO) expert actually do?”

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