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Shasta County Project Hometown: Update

We’ve all come together to build a standard best practice concept and guideline for building these websites the way they’re supposed to be done. The local developers have all agreed to do them at a dramatically reduced price if you accept the terms. On top of that, we’re training high school kids to help us out so they learn these skills and can contribute to our goal of getting these businesses out there for the world to see.

Amazon the Next Big Small Business Lender?

Let’s take a look at Amazon for a minute. They are making a significant impact on the world around us. Amazon is everywhere. They are working on getting into healthcare; they now own grocery stores, they are taking over the e-commerce economy.

Standardizing lessons learned from AMP | Being Found Show

There is this bit of news that just came out that I want to talk about right now. Chauncey, we have talked about AMP or “accelerated mobile pages” which Google loves because they pages are so fast. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a Google-backed project designed as an open standard for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. On Feb. 24, 2016, Google officially integrated AMP listings into its mobile search results.

Tips for Creating Titles that Work – products, web pages and blogs

Your business website should have descriptive titles! Make sure the titles of your products, web pages, and blog posts are descriptive. Don’t make the viewer guess what it is about. If I am looking for something, I don’t want to waste my time digging through products to see if it is what I want. I want to know what the product is before I read about it, so I don’t waste my time. Descriptive titles matter.

E-commerce platforms for small business: selling made simple

Every single service company should have their products or their services online in an e-commerce fashion even if it’s not allowing someone to buy. Shopify will allow you to to create an online catalog that’s filterable and everything, that you don’t even have to allow purchases from.

The Top Reasons Startups Fail [Infographic]

Down through the years, some startups really struck gold. When Accel Partners invested $14.8 million in a website called "" back in 2005, they made a return of $5.6 billion - 378 times their original outlay. More often than not, however, startups tend...

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