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Don’t just pay for clicks. Pay for a tested, logical business process that brings in more revenue. view pricing

Rent an SEO manager

Cut the learning curve and get the specific help you need. Managers come with the full suite of resources to fill in areas you may need help with. how we work

360-Degree SEO Impact Evaluation

Where are the holes in your SEO marketing strategy? Where is the low-hanging fruit that could lead to more revenue? Who’s beating you and how? What market trends could you be taking advantage of? How does Google rank you, and why? Analysis, report, recommendations. learn more

The Internet has provided an avenue to business ventures for many, but the incongruity is that the technology that encourages entrepreneurship is the very same technology whose complexities are often a mystery to many small business owners, including myself. Enter the skillful minds at Cloud Potential who are a technological lifeline. Whether the need is front end or backend, there is someone on the team with the expertise to hone in on the problem and come up with a solution. Quickly. 

Margaret A. Hardy, M.S.

CEO, Abbey St. Clare

If you are in one of these industries, we can shave months off the vendor learning curve. Been there, done that.

  • Lighting (retail and distribution)
  • Application Development
  • Analytical Software
  • Metal Building Materials
  • Retail – Jewelry
  • Retail – Cosmetics
  • Retail – Boat Dealers
  • Retail – Safes and Vaults
  • Retail – Home Security
  • Electromechanical Parts
  • Promotional Products
  • Credit Reports
  • Background Check Services
  • Photo Diodes & Lasers
  • Travel / Recreation
  • Professional Training / Events
  • Real Estate
  • B2B SaaS Applications
  • Consultants – B2B
  • Presidential Campaigns

“Great SEO starts with the customer.”

Cloud Potential’s co-founder Kristin Zhivago wrote the book on understanding your customer. Voted one of the top 6 sales & marketing books by Forbes

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SEO Helpline

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You don’t have to be a search engine geek to manage your search engine marketing team or SEO vendors. The same tools SEO companies use to optimize your site can be used to manage them.  Search engine optimization is complicated; there are a lot of minor factors...

“We need a new website” is killing business revenue

“We need a new website.” This decision always seems like the right one at the time. The website isn’t performing as it should be. Others in your industry seem to be doing better. Your site looks dated by comparison. It needs to be more clear and easier to navigate.